Biocides Regulation (EU) no. 528/2012

Biocides are used to control pests such as insects and rats, as well as against bacteria or fungi. Therefore biocidal products are also potentially dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. They must be handled with care. On the one hand, the safety of consumers, workers and the environment must be ensured and on the other hand the desired effectiveness of biocidal products is required. Biocidal products must be tested and approved by the authorities therefore.

The authorisation procedure for biocidal products is a two-step process:

In the first stage the active substance is approved under a European procedure for certain product types and included in the Union list of approved active substances.

Only then biocidal products may be approved in an authorisation procedure.

For "in situ" produced biocidal special rules apply.


We offer support and advice for compliance for biocides.

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