All substances that are produced in the EU or imported into the EU, must be registered from 1 t / a.

We support manufacturers and importers in the fulfilment of their registration obligations – even in your office, if requested.

We assist manufacturers and importers in the preparation and compilation of the documents required for registration and support the commmunication in SIEF, with ECHA and the monitoring authorities.

We arrange suitable testing laboratories and accompany the ordered tests.



  • Individual support in your office
  • Analysis of your chemical portfolio for determining the registration obligations
  • Checking for exemptions / facilitation of registration obligation
  • Identification of the chemicals’ identities
  • Compilation of the existing chemical data
  • Preparation of chemical datasets in IUCLID
  • Literature search and evaluation
  • Validation of generated data
  • Advice if data is missing
  • Calculation of chemicals’ data with QSAR
  • Recommendations for carrying out tests
  • Arrangement of testing institutes
  • Scientific monitoring of tests
  • Chemical safety report
  • Exposure Scenarios and Risk Assessment
  • "Technical dossier" for registration
  • Safety Data Sheets and eSDS (extended safety data sheets) more